Milwaukee model numbers explained

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Milwaukee model numbers explained

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I have a Hitachi cordless drill :. You can turn the gray numbered part to switch between, hammer drill, drill and screwdriver mode. The screwdriver mode is numbered up to Can someone explain what the different numbers mean? I haven't really noticed a difference between them. When the drill is used as a screwdriver, the numbers indicate the torque breaking point. Higher numbers mean more torque.

By breaking point, I mean the point at which torque is no longer applied.

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This feature is useful because you can limit the amount of torque that is applied to prevent screws, or the materials they are inserted in, from being stripped. When the screw is in all the way, you want the torque to stop. When you use the drill as a drill, as opposed to a screwdriver, you set the number to the highest setting, In most drills that setting will be indicated by a picture of a drill bit rather than a number.

It will be after the highest number. Some drills may also have a picture of a hammer. This indicates it has a percussive hammer action as well as drill mode. Sign up to join this community.

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Open Gearing. Toggle navigation Menu. Genteq Hermetic. Grove Gear.The Harley Davidson Universe is large which can lead to plenty of confusion. Our goal is to help clarify some of the perplexity surrounding Harley's Model abbreviations and aid you in better understanding some of HD's frequently used names, acronyms and styles.

In the world of two-wheels, a Harley is not simply a 'Harley. Each family has a set of features that makes them unique. Once inside the family, however, there's plenty of variety Before we get to the abbreviations and their meaning, it is worth noting where you might find them on your specific bike.

As a general rule when it comes to Harley abbreviations the following three standards apply: 1st Letter: This signifies the engine series.

This is usually where the confusion occurs since Harley tends to use the same letter to designate different features of a bike. Starting at the top, the Touring models are the largest model bike Harley offers. Considered the modern day Granddaddy of the Harley Family, Touring Models generally feature saddlebags, larger storing capacity, as well as extra room to accommodate those long road trips.

They are also great for riders who plan to travel two-up with a passenger with regularity and need a bit of extra room for their passenger. Next in line, the Softail Models. Harley's Softail lineup offers the traditional hard-tail look with the benefits of a more forgiving, yet hidden suspension system. For riders who prioritize comfort or who simply need a bike that will have more 'give' over bumps in the road, the Softail is an excellent choice.

This is also a great choice for riders who like to ride solo or two-up. For Harley-Davidson introduced the brand-new Softail platform.

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Based on a Mono-shock design, the new Softail is Harley's new platform. The Dyna Model was first introduced in the early 's and offers a big-twin engine with trademark Harley style. While the suspension is hidden on the Softail models, the Dyna is easily distinguished by its traditional exposed coil suspension.

Compared to the Sportster Models, the Dyna is distinguishable by virtue of its larger engine and in some cases slightly larger gas tanks.Finding out what year a Harley Davidson engine was made can be important for a number of reasons. But the decade the engine was made will determine where the year is located on the VIN and what it looks like. Look on left side of the engine case for the engine number. Harley engines that were made before or in the s have the model year of the engine as the first two numbers of the engine number, which acts as a VIN.

Look for a four-digit production code in the last four digits of the VIN. For engines built between andthere was a system put into the VIN to prevent tampering with or changing numbers in order to sell the engine as something it is not. The first number of the code will be even for even numbered production years and odd for odd numbered production years. Look for a five-digit production code in the last digits of the VIN. For engines with a production code of five numbers, the first two numbers will be even for even numbered production years and odd for odd numbered production years.

Check the last two digits of the VIN. Engines that were put on Harley bikes from to have the model year of the engine designated as the last two digits of the VIN number. If the letter is an "H", the engine was made somewhere between and If the letter is a "J", the engine was made in Look at the number that follows. This number corresponds to the last number of the year it was made. Look at the end of the VIN for a letter.

Harley engines made between and have a digit VIN which was abbreviated from the digit VIN that was stamped on the frame of the bike. The last digit of the VIN designates the model year with a letter.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Look for letters B through K for engines produced from to Letters "L" through "Y" are for engines produced from through Check the 10th digit in the VIN. For engines that were made afterthe 10th digit reflects the last digit of the last year.

Check if the letter is a "J". This means the engine was made in Milwaukee, WI. Lindsey Fisher began writing professionally in By: Lindsey Fisher Updated April 12, Search by model number in the drop-down search field. If more than one match is displayed, continue on to match type numbers. Match type numbers.

Type numbers go by "Type1," "Type 2" etc Bosch Bosch uses a typical model number system. Bosch calls their type numbers "engineering numbers. Bostitch Bostitch model numbers vary.

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No type numbers for Dirt Devil vacuums. Echo Echo model numbers start with letter. Echo uses more than one type number system. Some Echo type numbers fall within a range of numbers. Eureka Model numbers can be numbers or letters. Type numbers are usually combined with model numbers. Hitachi Hitachi products have model numbers like normal. Hitachi products do not have type numbers. Hoover Model numbers start with letters. Do not have type numbers Karcher Model numbers are letter-number combinations.

Type numbers are eight formatted numbers. Makita Makita products have model numbers like normal.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Makita products do not have type numbers. Metabo type numbers usually start with "0". Milwaukee calls their type numbers " serial numbers " SER. Milwaukee calls their type numbers "serial numbers" SER. Type numbers go by " Type1, " " Type 2 " etc. Ridgid Ridgid products have model numbers like normal.

Ridgid products do not have type numbers. RotoZip type numbers usually begin with an "F".Especially when the manufacturers launch different models that, on the face of it, look very similar.

Milwaukee have done just that, adding a third level of cordless tools to their already significant M18 range. To aid the selection process, use the following as a guide, in order of the highest performance to the lowest. Possibly the highest performing cordless range available to date and our recommendation for performance and reliability. Performance specifications are similar to the Brushless range, but the brushed motors will require more maintenance for the lifetime of the tool.

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Protrade have made an informed decision to only stock and promote the Fuel range of power tools, where possible, due to the significant increase in performance and reliability when compared to the Brushless and Brushed range. We also exclusively offer a full three years warranty on the tools, batteries and chargers with no registration required — see more details here.

Telephone Mon-Fri and website orders are still being taken. All Depots remain closed. Milwaukee Cordless Range Explained. Selecting the right power tool for the job can be a confusing task… Especially when the manufacturers launch different models that, on the face of it, look very similar. Discover More. Power Tool Support Package Additional warranty cover as standard on selected power tools. Open a Trade Account Get access to exclusive trade prices and much more by applying today.

Talk to a Protrade specialist for expert advice on 60 20 Talk To a Specialist. Send me deals.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity Trending Threads. Members Registered members Current visitors. Calendar Monthly Upcoming Events. New posts.

Milwaukee FUEL Brushless Tool Technology - Overview

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Idiots guide to Milwaukee Location North Yorkshire.

There seams to be a few different models of each can somebody that understands these things give me a potted summary of what's what please? Presume I'd be best buying the Fuel battery powered ones? Location Devon, UK. Lofty Member.

Location Cardiff. ACEngineering Member. Location Oxon.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Location pembrokeshire. ACEngineering said:. This is what I just bought for day the other week. I know you didn't ask for grinder just saying Tool station are doing the bottom of the range brushed combi drill and grinder kit if your not fussed on having decent performance and just maybe the off DIY job about the house?

If I was you and wanted a decent combi drill and the top spec impact wench then I would look at buying the following. Crikey that drill is double the torque of my new bosh, and it near breaks my arms. The fuel range is the brushless motors. Model numbers explained as I see it? I see some that have a carry bag and they have the letter B not X? Pins are a pain in the back side takes longer to change sockets you don't want one of them. Location Leics.

Just grind a little off the top of the pin it helps know end. Only a little bit mind. Thank you. Yes I'll do some digging myself was just after some advice as to which model. Which you have now given so that's grand thanks. If I can find some more pennies might try for an impact too. RWG Contracts Member. Location Samlesbury, Lancashire.


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